Until Dawn, an e-novella

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Here are the links to the chapters and a short summary for each of them:

Chapter 1

Summary: Dawnielle Challenge is a Hunter. She belongs to Eric Meyer's Crew of trackers, whose only job is to find and dispose of any creature that isn't supposed to roam the mortal world. However, Dawn has been put on hold for the past couple of months because of the sudden death of her boyfriend - the Crew's previous Chief. Now she's desperate to get back on the field where she feels more at home that she does in her own apartment. But she has no idea what kind of assignment Eric is planning for her, nor does she realize that the fate of the entire Crew would be placed in her hands.

Chapter 2

Summary:  Eric never expected that Dawn would be able to identify Valiant's energy field on the house. But apparently, her abilities are well above what he or his witch anticipated. Yet, would Dawn be able to figure out how to break the Chief's debt without opening that dangerous door to the Seelie prince?
On the other side of the door, Dawn finds herself not inside a house, but in an entirely different realm. The realm of the dead. But that's not the only surprise that awaits her. In fact, the surprises have just begun.

Chapter 3

Summary: Connor is dead to the human world, but he's very much alive in the world of the dead... and the fey. Not only that, but he's got a heritage anyone would wish to possess.
Dawn could hardly believe the love of her life is standing right before her - undamaged, very much alive and as hot as he'd always been. One look, one word from him is enough to crumble all her well developed defenses, and to open up her broken heart again. Everything else seems to be forgotten.... or is it?

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~Vanya D.~